At the infant stage of CBD resurgence, we have recognized the potential of this ancient medicine, which has recently returned to the top of health and lifestyle. With focus on quality and efficiency, we have managed to find different ways in this market by supplying the full range of water-soluble raw materials in the leaves through our purpose-built hemp juice production line (www.sanahempjuice.com) or traditionally, by drying the leaves to make CBD pellets, CBD paste and CBD oil.

We supply our CBD materials – hemp juice, hemp juice powder, CBD pellets, CBD paste and CBD oil – in bulk to retailers, online retailers, brands, trademarks to the required specifications. Our national and international customers have been appreciating the consistent quality of our products and services for years and have successfully launched their end products and brands using our raw materials in various parts of the world.

As pioneers in this industry, we have also developed our own brands of CBD products, in particular:
SANA HEMP (www.sanahempjuice.com) and PUUR CBD (www.puurcbd.nl).