Hempcrete Building

Hempcrete is an environmentally friendly building material that uses only a fraction of energy traditional building materials require and absorbs CO2 during its curing process. It has excellent insulation properties and satisfies the modern consumers’ demand for healthy and energy efficient living.

Traditionally hempcrete is produced using very manual methods of construction by mixing the material on site and pouring it into a frame. This process is rather time consuming and has the additional detriment on relying on the weather, as the raw material reacts to environmental conditions like moisture and temperature and needs months to dry before it can be finished. When we considered involving ourselves with hempcrete, we knew that a new approach was needed, which would eliminate the problems of lengthy on site manual labor and reliance on weather for quality and efficiency.

Hence we built our own hempcrete panel manufacturing line – the first of its kind. These panels come in a size of up to 6m x 3m and a thickness between 10cm – 50cm. The panels are all pressed in the factory, assuring consistent quality and detailed production for the different specifications of each part of a house. Once the site is ready, the panels are delivered and the house assembled. The installation for an average house can be as quick as 1 week.

Another advantage of using panels is that they can be put in a container and shipped anywhere in the world. We have already successfully shipped the panels to Australia for an installation there.